Next Adventure: Epic Man Dominica

EPIC MAN 2011 LOGOWhen you believe in something, it is important to remind yourself what the essence of that something is.  Why do you care so much? What makes you who you are?  What is your mission?  It becomes even more critical to understand this mission when you take on big challenges in far-flung places.

To us, ‘The Epic Man’ and our message: ‘Always Be Epic’ represent the spirit and drive of unique individuals who push themselves to live beyond the ordinary. Through a fusion of lifestyle, fitness, and culture the Epic community exists with the common threads of inspiration, challenge, adventure, and fun. Members have a burning desire to live their epic dreams and accomplish goals on their own terms – where the true reward is having a great story to tell. We recognize that the most remarkable thing about inspiration is that it is endless and forever evolving, as long as it is shared.

‘The Epic Man’ is not a singular event that takes place every year in April. Our journey from Maine to Boston is just one manifestation of a broader lifestyle, offering a chance for like-minded people to experience a shared challenge. It is a clear and powerful platform for these people to ignite inspiration among their peers and to celebrate those living life to the fullest. As a virtual community, it is important for members come together in person, and accomplish things as a ‘team’. As the community grows, and the message spreads, new Epic Man initiatives are taking shape around the globe.

With that said, we’re excited to announce one of these adventures happening place next week: The Epic Man Dominica / The ‘Nature Island Challenge’: (Dominica Map)

The Epic Man has been invited to represent the USA in the inaugural Nature Island Challenge event, which is an invitational endurance race taking place on May 21-24, 2013. The event will feature four of us from the US, going up against 3 other teams from around the Caribbean. It will be filmed for broadcast on national TV (NBC), and will require teams to capture the thrill of the competition through photos and video, which will be posted on social media outlets in real time during the week.Batiboubeachtopview

The event will take place predominantly on the Waitukubuli National Trail, the recently opened 115-mile cross-country trail. ‘Waitukubuli’ is Dominica’s original native Carib-Kalinago tribe name, which poetically translates as ‘tall is her body’, in deference to Dominica’s soaring volcanic spine. We will travel over mountains, across rivers, across coasts, and through the lush jungles of Dominica, but we will also be immersed in the island culture, as we attempt to earn points in unique challenges.TRAV-00019566-001

Like all things with Epic Man, it has been quite a fun story leading up to this point for the upcoming adventure to Dominica. We are honored to have been selected by 360 Ventures to not only participate in this event to represent the USA, but to also have been invited to give input on the format & spirit of the ‘competition’…. all in the name of helping meet the country of Dominica’s goal of showcasing the beautiful landscape, culture, and adventures that ‘The Nature Island’ has to offer.

We will definitely need your support in real time as we take on the challenge, so stay tuned to our facebook page as well as on the web for updates.  In the coming days, we are pumped to tell a few of the fun stories from how this all came together, to introduce the full Epic Man team who will be heading down to the island, as well as give a peek into some of the athletic and cultural challenges we will face during the week.
Until then, #alwaysbeepicDDA_logo_onelovelivity_com

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