Edward Aten – On ‘Impossibility’

In 2007 I watched my stepbrother run the Boston Marathon and was inspired.
Then I went for a run a few days later and realized while I had been a runner my whole life I was at least 2 minutes a mile off the qualifying pace.
Qualifying seemed impossible. So impossible in fact I forgot about qualifying for the next few years.
I moved to San Francisco. I met a bunch of competitive runners. I ran more. I ran faster. One day I realized I was close.
I worked for almost a year and in December of 2011 ran a 3:04 – fast enough to qualify.
Apparently it wasn’t impossible.
Tomorrow morning I’ll be on Peaks Island Maine looking 3 miles across the Casco Bay towards Portland. I’ll be on a kayak paddling.
That I know. I will definitely get that far.
Then I’ll try to kayak across.
Then hopefully I’ll get on a bike and ride 157 miles through the night to Hopkinton Massachusetts.
Then supposedly, I’ll run the marathon.
Even though I’ve trained (kind of) this all seems crazy. It seems impossibly far. I don’t know what tomorrow (and Monday) will hold, but I’ll put every bit of myself out there and we will see.
I’ll show you every bit of energy and determination I have and we will see exactly how many miles that is. I may not make it, but I’m not scared.
I’ll remind myself: You can’t do the impossible if you’re afraid of failure.

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