Greek Adventures – The Food

If there is one thing we did right on this trip (and maybe did too much of!) it was eating.

But how could we help ourselves? Everywhere we went; farmers markets with fresh vegetables and fruit, cafes with inviting pastries and delicious espresso, restaurants with amazing menus and inviting patios with breathtaking views. We were after all, being super active and preparing for a marathon…so that was our excuse to eat 5 meals a day and indulge in the delicious, authentic, and fresh Greek cuisine.
Greek 5
You all know and love the simple Greek salad. This was a staple at almost every place we visited. Here are a few shots of our favorites.
Greek 9

Greek 8

Greek 7

Greek 6
What is the ONLY thing better after fresh Feta on a Greek salad, other than MORE fresh Feta? ….BAKED FETA! No matter where we went, this was the first thing we looked for on the menu, and if the restaurant didn’t have it…we moved onto the next. It was that good.
Greek 10

Greek 11
Other favorite items included fresh fish, lamb, chicken, and stuffed vegetables.

We were told the ‘must try’ Greek items were Tomato Balls and Moussaka. As one friendly waiter put it….’Moussaka IS Greece!’ How can you not give it a shot after a statement like that? The moussaka was so delicious, and one of our favorite dishes. The tomato balls were just OK. But the Greek people LOVE them. Every single place has them on the menu, and highlights them to their guests.
Greek 12

Greek 13
At the end of the trip, we could have been happy if we never left a restaurant and didn’t even get to see the breathtaking views and landscape of the islands. The food was that good. If you love great food as well, we think you would agree. Italy and France get most of the love when it comes to food/culinary ‘destinations’ in Europe. But having been to both of those places multiple times, we think Greece deserves a mention alongside of those two. The food certainly kept us happy…and along with Oikos, fueled us to be able to adventure, stay active, and eventually complete our 2nd marathon within one week.

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