Greek Adventures – THE Adventures

The Greece travel team: Seth, Will, Mike, and Nate. We all met in the Athens airport; coming from Paris, Maine, Boston, Chicago respectively. We were to meet in Athens to catch a flight to Santorini and stay there for a few days, before heading to Crete, and eventually back to Athens to run the original Marathon to Athens marathon route. We had no reservations but the one-way flight to Santorini, and none of us were the slightest bit worried about how everything else would all come together.


There is a big difference between traveling and going on an adventure. Having to go somewhere, or going somewhere to ‘see’ something is ‘traveling’. Finding yourself somewhere with no plan or reservations; with the only goal of being active, having fun, and trying to experience as much as possible…is an EPIC adventure in the making. There is something magical about not knowing the next move, having to figure it out on the fly, and trusting your gut that no matter what, you are going to have fun, see new things, and meet new people. With that in mind, we landed in Santorini…and the rest figured itself out.


We just so happened to find an apartment at the last minute with an extremely nice landlord, and one heck of a view.


The next day we set off for an active adventure – hiking on the coastline, running through the cliffs and streets of the small and overwhelmingly beautiful towns.


We had planned to go to Crete, but when we went to buy our ferry tickets – there we no boats headed there on Mondays. So, we stayed another day on Santorini, before flying back to Athens. We were happy that happened, because some of our most memorable people, places, and moments happened with that extra time on Santorini. We may have never found ourselves on a boat ride to swim in hot springs and hike on a Volcano.


We may have never found ourselves in Oia eating some of the most amazing food we have ever had…and scaling the cliffs & streets of this beautiful town.


….and we may have never found ourselves ending the day there watching one of the best sunsets we have ever seen on 4 wheelers navigating the Cliffside road on the way back to our apartment.


The Greek islands proved to be some of the most intense terrain to play on, with some of the most beautiful views we have ever witnessed. It’s no secret (of course)….and anyone else that has been, or will visit Santorini will no doubt agree. However, if you travel a decent amount and can appreciate a good adventure….you will also agree that it really doesn’t matter where you are in the world – it’s who you are with and what you make of it. For us, it was an all time crew of like-minded individuals with only one goal….to have an EPIC adventure. Mission accomplished. #alwaysbeepic

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