Inspire from Within

Author: Joshua Greenblatt

Epic. We are in a time where this term is used more frequently than ever and no doubt you have taken part in it’s evolution. From an imposing literary work to an event or idea reaching beyond the ordinary or usual scope, Epic has solidified its place in our culture. The best part is, it’s completely relative. It has the ability to be both grand in nature and personal in practice. For many it is destined to remain a top tier adjective to describe some of life’s most wondrous moments. Others though, have challenged themselves to remove the literal sense of its origin and incorporate its essence into daily life. This is where I found myself in the spring of 2011. I was introduced to a group of inspiring people, with exceptional goals who have set me on a personal journey to which I had never felt the likes of.

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Three years later I continue to be challenged and supported daily by an amazing community of individuals, working as a team to spread an Epic message. At face value there are some incredible physical accomplishments being attained by a core group of people throughout the 5 year run of the Peaks to Boston Epic Man event. As impressive as this can seem, it is not the event that powers this message but rather the individual moments of inspiration, determination, hard work, and most of all personal enjoyment of the story we are creating. Giving up something of yourself for the betterment of others is something most know as a very rewarding gesture. Challenging yourself to inspire from within and use your own Epic story to motivate others to foster that same desire is a truly humbling experience. I have seen this Epic Man community do both, time after time and know what it is like to be on both sides of the benefits of this type of encouragement.


This year I completed the “original” Epic Man and it will forever be one of my proudest achievements. I have personally battled physical setbacks in my life that at times made the routine daily activities most take for granted (including myself) seem epic in their own right. Looking back at the three year journey I have taken so far and all the work it has involved is incredibly emotional and I strive to be grateful and humbled by every second of it. All that said, it’s not anything I did for myself that initially fostered this “Epic Spirit” that I now so immensely enjoy. I was a sideline witness to my brother’s (Jason Greenblatt) Epic Man story in 2011. During a very challenging time in my life, he inspired me with his personal goals, brave actions and individual growth. And that is what this is about. Creating an adventure for yourself, enjoying the benefits of your actions and sharing that inspiration with others. So 2013 may have made me a first time Peaks to Boston finisher, but the story of another; the inspiration from my brother, has made me an Epic Man!

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