Welcome Taylor Obey


So I first got thinking and knowing of the Epic Man after watching my brother (Justin) do this amazing Epic race last year while I ran the marathon for the first time; the whole race and idea really sparked my interest.  Last year Justin and Jake both met me at the start of the marathon after they had just rode the 160 miles through the night with no sleep.  As I was fighting the nerves at the beginning of the race I heard “TAY…TAY!!!!!” and saw the two of them with other Epic teammates jumping up and down yelling for me as a crossed the start line and I had my brother to start Boston with.  I remember being so excited for Justin and the whole epic team thinking about how amazing it was of what they were doing and to see the length that people will push themselves towards new challenges.  Well, this is now my challenge, spurred on by the positive energy and awesome goals of last years team.

I started biking last year (first road bike I’ve ever owned) and have continued my running per usual.  Half marathons are what I really like…the full I haven’t quite gotten used to that yet…yet.  Having graduated Physical Therapy school this year and having completed Boston last year (a goal I had throughout college) I wanted to see how far I can challenge myself, so here it is! EPIC-ness! I’ll join the team this year to see how far I can push myself.